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The Definitive Guide to Vehicle Telematics, IVMS, & Onboard Computers

The Definitive Guide to Vehicle Telematics, IVMS, & Onboard Computers

This is a complete guide to Vehicle Telematics, IVMS, & Onboard Computers. Learn exactly what do these adjectives actually mean & how can a fleet...

4 important tips in choosing the right IVMS or telematics provider

4 Important Tips in Choosing the Right IVMS or Telematics Provider

There are some important questions to ask when deciding on the right IVMS or telematics supplier. Knowing exactly the type of service, ...

fms tech gitex 2020 thumb

FMS Tech. Joins GITEX Technology’s 40th Year with the Latest Innovation in Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring Solutions

As the need for a more comprehensive and up-to-date In-Vehicle Monitoring Solutions (IVMS) become apparent, Fleet Managements Systems and...

FMS Tech Introduces FMS Smart Mobility

As an initiative to provide better services to its customers and to further develop the business while moving along the latest advancements in...

How To Decrease CO2 Emissions

Did you know that FMS-Tech can help decrease your fleet’s CO2 emissions? By showing administrators and managers a complete map of their CO2 foot...

Innovative Technologies Tailored for the Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Logistics industries

The numerous benefits of implementing IVMS technologies to derive cost-savings in slow economic times and periods of rising fuel costs In part one of...


How Volatility in the Oil Market Affects Your Operational Expenses

In part one of this two-part series we will explore why the operational cost of companies working in the Oil & Gas industry is in a critical...

Eagle Eye Video

The FMS-Tech Eagle Eye is the latest advancement in in-vehicle technology that can identify misconduct, keep drivers and passengers safe, and ensure...

Do You Know FMS-Tech?

Here at FMS-Tech, we pride ourselves in our company’s personality which is driven by our Vision, Mission, and Values. These are the driving forces...

Geofen FMS Tech

What is Geo-fencing and How is It Useful?

IVMS and Telematics are most known for their ability to track and trace vehicles with GPS location. Although this is a great tool, there are many...

FMS Tech launches Eagle Eye in GCC, the world’s first ‘black box’ for trucks

Fleet Management Systems & Technologies (FMS Tech) has launched FMS Eagle Eye, the first-ever integration of in-cabin smart cameras with...

Telematics for Food and Beverage

Telematics for the F&B Industry

Telematics or IVMS solutions in the Middle East are well known to help support health and safety policies in the Oil and Gas industry, but there are...

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