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PDO Extends Contract with GFMS for Driver Fatigue Road Safety Solution

August 13, 2023 Author: fmstech Category: Press Coverage

Global FMS Tech. (GFMS), a leading OPAL-approved IVMS provider of Road Safety Solutions, is the first vendor to be approved by PDO for Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring Solutions (DFMS) in Oman. The pilot testing of this solution started in 2019 and for over 3 years, GFMS has been working closely with PDO in implementing the solution across selected contractors.

Last year, PDO had extended its contract with GFMS for the implementation of FMS Tech Fusion 300 DFMS for another 1000+ vehicles of its major contractors in Oman. As a leading Telematics technology provider, GFMS introduced its Fusion 300 DFMS solutions for PDO projects in the country and is currently the only available technology in the market. GFMS has achieved a leadership position in the DFMS market in Oman and has also been instrumental in defining the operating procedures and related services toward best practices which can be adopted across the industry.


GFMS, in its effort to provide world-class DFMS services to its customers, has put together a team of dedicated trained and certified Omani analysts to man and operate its Monitoring and Help desk facility. GFMS offers event validation, re-classification, and real-time voice call escalation alerts to its customers, to take corrective actions related to driver fatigue management. GFMS runs a day and evening shift on all days including weekends and has the capacity to extend 24/7 support.

FMS Tech. Fusion 300 DFMS is an innovative solution that provides customers with complete investment protection and technological scalability to meet new or additional road safety standards. The device is embedded with OPAL-approved IVMS as an integrated unit– the first and only product to offer this unique feature to date. The DFMS device can also support IVMS-related functionalities such is satellite, TPMS, reverse parking etc. and can also be scaled to support Advance Video AI applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), in-cabin camera, video streaming, etc.

The AI-based solution device is offered in two models – Fusion 300 Lite (standalone DFMS as an add-on device with any IVMS) and Fusion 300 Plus (with embedded OPAL-approved IVMS). It can detect changes in driver behavior, such as decreased eye movement, head nodding, and increased steering variability, yawning, etc. When the system detects signs of fatigue, a real-time in-cabin voice and seat vibration alerts are triggered, and an e-mail notification is sent to the fleet manager. GFMS monitoring team also calls the supervisor in case of validated Driver Fatigue events, for immediate action.

Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring Solutions (DFMS)

GFMS is also fully committed to be compliant with Oman’s local legal regulations and procedures. The DFMS application and video data are stored in its server in Oman and the technical monitoring support team is also based in Muscat. GFMS assures its client total investment protection, advanced and proven technology, established world-class services, along with absolute peace of mind.

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