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Multiple Speed Limiter

Multiple Speed Limiter

Abiding by the limit that is set on the roads is extremely important.

Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death globally. In the efforts to eliminate this, speed limits are implemented in most, if not all, parts of the world.

The FMS Tech. solution is capable of setting and electronically locking the vehicle to a certain speed limit. Through the speed limiter, fleet managers can keep the vehicles at the determined speed of the area where the vehicles are operating, and not be anxious about speeding violations that may occur.

FMS Tech Multiple Speed Limiter

How Can You Benefit From
Mulitple Speed Limiter?

  • Multiple Speed Limiter Eliminates Over-Speeding Violations Benefit Eliminates Over-Speeding Violations
  • Multiple Speed Limiter Improves Driver Behavior Benefit Improves Driver Behavior
  • Multiple Speed Limiter Reduces Road Accidents Benefit Reduces Road Accidents
  • Multiple Speed Limiter Increases Road Speed Compliance Benefit Increases Road Speed Compliance
  • Multiple Speed Limiter Improves Fuel Efficiency Benefit Improves Fuel Efficiency

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