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Black Box for the Automotive Industry

March 1, 2018 Author: fmstech Category: FMS Tech Blog

With Technology advancements- we now have the oppertunity to have a device similar to the Black Box of an airplane, insatlled in vehicles. The Black Box of an Airplane is commonly known to record data and event information, and recall that data and information whenever needed. Most often this is useful in the unfortunate event of a crash. The technology helps understand exactly what lead to an accident or other type of unfortunate event in order to learn from it, and to help keep them from happening again in the future.

Did you know that there is this same type of technology for vehicles? Telematics, IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System), and onboard computers are all different terms to essentially describe this type of “black box” technology for vehicles.

How Does it work?

A hardware is installed into the vehicle and attached to the sensors of the vehicle to read data such as: seatbelt status, over speeding, over revving, harsh breaking, and harsh acceleration. The data is collected and sent via GMS or Satellite to a server where it can be accessed through a web-based software.

Why Is It Important?

This data can provide information the same way the black box on an airplane does- to prevent future disasters, but this data can tell much more as well. The data gathered from the telematics/ IVMS device provide full visibility of a vehicle or fleet to management such as fuel consumption, violations in driving policy, driver performance, and vehicle routes.

How is it helpful?

A tachograph is generated in the case of an accident which will show the engine speed, distance, and driver activity in a graph form. This graph can be interpreted by an expert to determine exactly what happened such as an impact, and what caused the event. These graphs can be especially useful for insurance and deriver assessment purposes along with the safety aspect of eliminating the cause in future cases to avoid such accidents.

Did You Know?

Black Box Integrated Systems, an exclusive distributor and partner of FMS-Tech located in Abu Dhabi, UAE gets its name from this very idea? Since they are able to provide all the information needed to understand and re-create a crash, labeling the solutions as the Black Box for vehicles is a perfect fit!

To Learn More Information about IVMS and Telematics, contact:

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