What is IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)?

In vehicle monitoring system (IVMS)IVMS is an acronym name for In Vehicle Monitoring System also called Vehicle Monitoring System.  This technology was 1st introduced in the early 2000 at few oil and gas companies with the main purpose, is to reduce road accidents and road fatalities, change driver behavior, and monitor driver performance.  It is designed for vehicles fleet and it uses vehicle telematics ie. vehicle speed, engine RPM, seatbelt, ..etc., to record, analyze, and report on driver behavior and control driving violations to reduce accidents.

A typical IVMS system includes an electronic device and computer software.  An IVMS device includes a no. of inputs (frequency, analogue, digital) and no. of outputs ie. RS232, RS485, wireless, and Ignition Relay.  A good IVMS includes optional features such as embedded CDMA/GSM 2G/3G/4G modem, Satellite modem, GPS/GLONASS receiver, RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Driver Identification, and reliable internal battery.

IVMS systems differ in quality, rigidness, tampering, and failure rate.  Due to the nature of this technology and dependency on vehicle electrics, antenna efficiency, maintenance requirements, …etc. this technology may require high maintenance.  However, devices from different brands differ in  features, modularity level, protection and tolerance to spikes on vehicle inputs, battery autonomy, anti-tampering features, ease of use, and accommodation to harsh working environment ie. high temperature, heat, dust, ..etc, and requirements for minimum maintenance.  Most maintenance jobs on FMS TECH. devices are carried out remotely including over the air upgrade to device firmware, remote settings, and diagnostics.

How IVMS works?

how in-vehicle monitoring system works