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We have a wide range of solutions for
all your fleet and driver requirements

Driver Fatigue
& Distraction
Monitoring System

Advanced Web-Based Software

FMS Smart Mobility

Version 3.0.108
With Enhanced Theme
Interactive Features
Advanced Web-Based Software FMS Smart Mobility
Comprehensive Fleet Optimization Solutions

Fleet Management
Systems & Technologies

FMS Tech. is a pioneer and innovator of in-vehicle-monitoring and on-board computers technology. Since 2006, FMS Tech. has provided fleet management systems that have generated millions of dollars in savings and profits to our customers.

We strive to innovate new technologies to help enhance the experience of customers and progress in their daily business, improve the driving of our personal and commercial vehicles, reduce carbon dioxide and protect the environment, minimize unnecessary expenditures, and save lives.

Fleet Management Systems & Technologies Solutions
Fleet Management Systems & Technologies Solutions
FMS Tech Return on Investment and Benefits

*Based on FMS Tech. users' Feedback

Return on Investment
& Benefits

  • 84% Reduction of Over Speeding Violations Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • 84% Reduction of Over Speeding Violations Less CO2 Emission / Improved Environment Footprint
  • 84% Reduction of Over Speeding Violations Improved Operational Efficiency
  • 84% Reduction of Over Speeding Violations Improved Time Attendance
  • 84% Reduction of Over Speeding Violations Improved Job Completion

What makes FMS Tech.

FMS Tech Wide Range of Solutions

Wide Range of Solutions

FMS Tech. provides solutions that can be utilized across diverse industries whereas other providers supply only a piece of the puzzle that require other products to fill the gaps.

FMS Tech User - Friendly Software

User-Friendly Software

Developed especially for ease of use, FMS Tech. applications and software are easy to navigate and can be utilized by all users regardless of the experience.

FMS Tech Unparalleled Customer Support

Unparalleled Customer Support

The customer and technical support provided by FMS Tech. are accurate and reliable to ensure issues are quickly and easily addressed.

FMS Tech Hardware and Software Integration

Hardware and Software Integration

Developed and working together to provide superior experience for the client, easy and customized updates are applied to the software and sent to the devices.

FMS Tech Product of Integrity

Product of Integrity

Providing high-quality and reliable products that are certified for many applications including government and oil and gas industries

Trusted by our Clients

FMS Tech trusted clients FMS Tech trusted clients
FMS Tech In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)
Highly-Reliable IVMS Devices

FMS Tech. In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

FMS Tech. offers a wide range of highly-reliable IVMS devices with a blend of different features to meet almost every requirement. From entry level to high enterprise solutions, FMS Tech.’s IVMS devices are built to last for decades and meet simple to the most sophisticated requirements. FMS Tech.’s IVMS products and solutions can meet almost every budget and are suitable for every company size, from small to large enterprises as well as fit for purpose.

How Do FMS Tech. Fleet Management
Solutions Work?

FMS Tech Fleet Management System's Hardware

Information about the mobile asset is captured, recorded, and analyzed by FMS Tech. hardware.

FMS Tech Hardware sent to mobile network or LEO Satellite

Data from FMS Tech. hardware is automatically sent through a mobile network or LEO satellite.

FMS Tech Cloud Server

The Data is received on the FMS Tech. cloud server and accessible online from any device connected to the internet.

FMS Tech Smart Mobility Software

Route planning, driver analytics, vehicle information, and communications, are sent by the fleet operators or managers from control room to the vehicles through the online portal.

FMS Tech Solutions for all type of fleet
Solutions for all types
of fleet
See all industries

Latest News

FMS Tech. Joins 40th Year of GITEX

FMS Tech. Launches Its Online Software Training Registration System

As we continue to improve our technology and services, FMS Tech. brings you the online software training registration system.

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FMS Tech. Joins 40th Year of GITEX

FMS Tech. Joins 40th Year of GITEX Technology Week with The LATEST INNOVATION

As the need for a more comprehensive and up-to-date In-Vehicle Monitoring Solutions (IVMS) become apparent, Fleet Managements Systems and Technologies will, once again, introduce the latest…

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FMS Tech. Introduces FMS Smart Mobility

FMS Tech. Introduces FMS Smart Mobility

FMS Smart Mobility is the all new platform with enhanced theme and more useful features that fleet managers can use to monitor their fleets and its drivers. Now with a more interactive, easy-to-use, and a customizable interface, FMS Smart…

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