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Fleet Management Systems & Technologies (FMS Tech.)

A pioneer and innovator of in-vehicle-monitoring and on-board computers technology. Since 2006, FMS Tech. has provided fleet management systems that have generated millions of dollars in savings and profits to our customers.

FMS Technology Group and its subsidiaries and partners, have become one of the leading innovators of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), Vehicle Telematics, Connected Vehicle, Machine-2-Machine, Asset and Fleet Management, and Smart City solutions. We strive to innovate new technologies to help enhance the experience of customers and progress in their daily business, improve the driving of our personal and commercial vehicles, reduce carbon dioxide and protect the environment, minimize unnecessary expenditures, and save lives.


What Makes FMS Tech. Different?

Wide Range of

FMS Tech. provides many solutions to be utilized across diverse industries where as other providers only provide a piece of the puzzle and need to find other products to fill the gaps.


Developed especially for ease of use, the FMS Tech. applications and software are easy to navigate and utilize by all users regardless of the experience.

Unparalleled Customer Support

The customer and technical support provided by FMS Tech. is accurate and reliable to ensure issues are quickly and easily addressed.

Hardware and Software Integration

Developed and working together to provide superior experience for the client, easy and customized updates easily applied to the software and sent to the devices.

Product of

Providing high-quality and reliable products that are certified for many applications including government and oil and gas industries

FMS Tech. In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems(IVMS) is a technology that gives transparency to fleet managers to improve road safety and vehicle efficiency. Data regarding the vehicle, driving performance, and environmental aspects are sent to the control room, while journey management, driving instructions, and communications are sent to the vehicle.



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FMS Tech. Introduces FMS
Smart Mobility

FMS Smart Mobility is the all new platform with enhanced theme and more useful features that fleet managers can use to monitor their fleets and its drivers. Now with a more interactive, easy-to-use, and a customizable interface, FMS Smart…

Innovative Technologies Tailored for the Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Logistics Industries

The numerous benefits of implementing IVMS technologies to derive cost-savings in slow economic times and periods of rising fuel costs…

How to Decrease CO2 Emissions

Did you know that FMS-Tech. can help decrease your fleet’s CO2 emissions? By showing administrators and managers a complete map of their CO2 foot print including the vehicles emitting the most CO2 and the trends month…

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