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FMS Eagle Eye


The FMS Eagle Eye Camera System is a four-channel mobile digital video recorder system designed specifically for car video surveillance. It uses an embedded processor and operating system along with 3G/GSM, WiFi router and the latest technology in the market today including; audio and video compression / decompression, large capacity SD card recording, high intelligence and high stability.


  • Optional 1-4 video channel
  • 3G with WiFi Router on-air communication
  • Support CIF, HD1, Two Kind of Resolution
  • On-screen display can be superimposed on various characters, such as date, time, and channel ID
  • SD Card cycle recording and loop deleted
  • Video mode supports boot recording, time recording, and manual recording
  • Video preview supports single screen and four screens
  • Supports disk overwrite automatically
  • Supports Search any time during one day, and variety of search type
  • Supports single-road to four-road playback, forward, rewind, support times speed
  • Supports key switch and timer switch
  • Can save the data when the system power shut down to avoid the damage of the video file and the file system


  • Safe and Secured Company Assets
  • Verification of Driving Habits with Driver Face & Forward Cameras
  • Driver Face & Forward Cameras
  • Live Streaming Option
  • Historical Event Verification
  • Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Intervention

 Day Time Tracking

In cabin camera Forward camera

 Night Time Tracking

In cabin camera Forward camera

Applicable Industries

Oil & Gas
Security & Customs
Waste Management
Taxi & Limo Services
Public Bus Transport
Car Insurance
Transport & Distribution
Car Rental
School Bus

Download FMS Eagle Eye Data Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.