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FMS e-Lock 2000


The FMS e-Lock 2000 is an innovative product from FMS TECH. designed to work with the FMS Trace series on-board computers as one integrated system over wireless Zigbee 2.4 GHz communication. It is designed for the safe transport of trailers and containers while safeguarding against the risk of theft, smuggling, or the illegal opening of the cargo or container.

The seal will send an instant alert to the control center in the case of an attempted theft eliminating the risk of the seal being cut or easily removed by unauthorized personnel. As with all of the FMS TECH. products, this device can easily be customized according to the application’s specific needs and requirements.

Applicable Industries

Oil & Gas
Security & Customs
Waste Management
Taxi & Limousine Services
Public Bus Transport
Car Insurance
Transport & Distribution
Car Rental
School Bus

Download FMS e-Lock Data Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.