The FMS Track 2000 Plus is a powerful high end On-board Computer that combines vehicle routes information with vehicle sensors status and telematics.Fleet manager can obtain vehicle and trip information and alerts in real time to his mobile or on his computer. The FMS Track 2000 Plus was designed for wide range of applications including M2M, remote control, road safety, cost control, anti-theft, security, and emergency response.

FMS Track 2k+


The FMS Trace 2000 is a series of GPS based devices designed to offer users efficient and low cost vehicle tracking system with easy installation, wireless sensors and high performance tracking system as key features. The FMS Trace 2000 is ideal solution for automotive, security and customs agencies, trucking companies, insurance, stolen vehicle, vehicle finance, auto rental, and other automotive tracking applications when self-sustainable power for several days is required.

FMS Trace 2000+


FMS Salameh Pro is a simple speed recording device used to capture and store vehicle speed value. FMS Salameh Pro is the 1st generation of the Salameh Series, designed for adaptation at the national level in some countries. Salameh Pro was designed in compliance to DOT and law enforcement agencies specification for black box in some MEA countries. The FMS Salameh Pro is easy to install and configure. Traffic law enforcement and troopers can easily ready vehicle speed for past 30 days, and print speeding tickets right at spot.

Salameh Pro

FMS Center 2k

For those who worked with On-Board computers know how difficult sometimes to extract the information from such systems. However, with the FMS Center 2000, extracting information has never been easier! This new innovation from Fleet Management Systems and Technologies (FMS Tech.) 



The FMS container e-lock 2000 is a new innovation from FMS Tech. This product is designed to work with the FMS Trace 2000 as one integrated system over wireless Zigbee 2.4 GHz, with range exceeds 50 meters, and may reach 100 meters depending on surrounding obstacles. The product is designed for security applications like transit trucks, cargo seal and security, distribution and transport.