FMS Technology is one of the world’s leading provider of Telematics solutions, offering true global connectivity over GSM, CDMA & Satellite technologies. We deliver network services to application solution providers and enterprises supported by a wireless operator grade, distributed on a highly scalable business management platform that presents all network services and technologies through a single, unified interface. The vehicle location and fleet tracking market helped birth the growing Telematics industry as fleet route optimization and the ability to track & trace valuable cargo drove widespread adoption.

The Telematics technology is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses  telecommunications vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.).

Today Telematics remains one of the most mature segments, with widespread penetration in long haul trucking and auto rental fleets. With innovative and customizable solutions being delivered and supported by applications providers, this market continues to expand, based on cost-effective, widespread coverage, and ubiquitous cellular network access.

As applications advance from the simple ‘where are we?’ services, to more integrated applications supporting logistics services, there is a growing need for elastic and cost-effective capacity in the network. For example, health regulations are driving constant monitoring of chilled foods in transit, while border security initiatives are allowing drivers to ‘call ahead’ –sending updated manifests to border agents to speed cross border transit times. These applications can only be implemented cost efficiently using today’s cellular service: 3G, 4G or Iridium Satellite in case of none covered area.