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FMS Public Bus Transport System


The FMS e-Bus system integrates bus fleet management system with passenger fare payment and fare media options into one convenient, secure, integrated, manageable, and online bus transport system. The system goes beyond the conventional offline fleet management and farebox in terms of flexible fleet management and fare strategies and ability to provide a wide variety of traditional and electronic fare media options to both passengers and transit agency operators.

FMS Tech., a leading fleet management system integrator and supplier of complete range of fleet management systems, is pleased to introduce the FMS e-bus system. The e-bus system from FMS Tech. provides new and innovative features as well as improved fleet management, data registration, security, and ease of operations.

The FMS e-bus is supported by a new EFS data system providing built-in custom and online operations and report generations. Using the wireless data network (GPRS) provided by the GSM operators, data is transferred seamlessly to main control room providing information required by the operator in real time accurately and securely. The system can be customized to be transaction-based or based on time, duration, or location, and includes revenue reports, card usage reports, fleet operations reports, and security/audit reports. The system also supports the optional use of passenger RFID prepaid cards.

How Does it Work?

Track 2K Plus

The FMS Track 2000 Plus is a compact and powerful on board computer designed to record various bus telematics and GPS data and transmit such information to main computer server. This modular and fully configurable system helps managers enhance their transport operation, improve their services, and reduce cost.


  • 9 fully configurable inputs
  • 1 Speed and 2 x Engine RPM inputs
  • 2 outputs and 1 ignition relay
  • Integrated GPS and GPRS
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Bus stops (location and duration)
  • Safety features (monitor bus speed
    and over speeding (events in more
    than one speed zone)
  • Alerts driver upon exceeding any of
    the preprogrammed thresholds.
  • Online features (bus movement, bus
    route) with update interval of < 5 min.,
    depending on network congestion and
  • Driver access and permissions
  • Driver time attendance

FMS Smart Mobility

The FMS Smart Mobility helps fleet and transport managers run their day to day transport business in a systematic and real time manner better than ever before. Decisions are made faster, response to emergency is almost immediate, and transactions are posted in real-time, accurate accounting, and less fraud..


  • Modular and flexible easy to use software tools to configure andoperate all EFS hardware
  • Fully web-based application
  • Dynamic events builder
  • Events driven alerts
  • GEO Fencing
  • Accident reconstruction and analysis
  • Online/Offline Tracking
  • 24/7 Recording of bus location, route, and telematics
  • Dynamic reporting system
  • Supports Google and digital maps
  • Online information transfer
  • User authentication and task driven privileges
  • Remote configuration and route settings
  • Fare collection, accounting, and inventory
  • Control room application

FMS Public Bus Transport – E-Payment System

FMS Passenger
Prepaid Card

  • RFID prepaid one-time use or rechargeable cards
  • Personalized passenger and ride-payment cards
  • Single currency with fractions
  • Unlimited usage
  • High durability
  • Proximity and secure
  • ISO 14443 – 1 K EEPROM
  • Discounted fares
  • Categorization (students, elderly, discounted) cards
  • Rechargeable at kiosk, bus station, and supermarkets

FMS Bus Station
Arrival Panel

  • 3 lines lighted LCD bus station arrival panel
  • Low power consumption
  • 90-250 AC
  • Elegant Design
  • Aluminum polycarbonate

FMS Card Reloading

Applicable Industry

Public Bus Transport

Download FMS Publis Bus Transport e-Payment System Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.