municipality2Time management, dispatch optimization and efficiency have been some of the key factors influencing municipalities and local government agencies to implement GPS tracking for their fleets.
Agencies are searching for ways to cut costs, improve driver performance and realize ROI.

FMS Technology solution, FMS platform, presents a major advantage to fleets averaging 2-500 vehicles because of its comprehensive, affordable tool set that is easy-to-use and provides valuable insight into fleet operations. Municipality The FMS Technology tracking solution closely monitors fleets in real time and provides the business intelligence that companies need to make operational adjustments to optimize performance. The use of state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking technology has made FMS Technology tracking a mainstream solution for municipalities everywhere.


  • Cut the costs and stretching the budget
  • Increase productivity and safety while decreasing the cost of fuel, payroll, and even help in risk mitigation.
  • Dispatch operators to set up alerts when drivers are speeding, identify excessive idling or entering into zones outside of their route.
  • Dispatch re-route emergency calls.
  • Conform to regulatory requirements.