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Fleet Management Software

Advanced Fleet Management Software

FMS Smart Mobility

Version 3.0.108 FMS Smart Mobility Fleet Management Software Version

FMS Smart Mobility is a cloud-based Fleet Management Software that receives the recorded telematics from the FMS Tech. IVMS devices, which are installed in the mobile or stationary assets, and presents it to the users in analytical reporting formats.

With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, it assists the users to remotely monitor and manage their assets from anywhere via the web.

FMS Smart Mobility Fleet Mangement Software
FMS Smart Mobility Executive Dashboard

Customizable Executive Dashboard

FMS Smart Mobility offers a customizable dashboard and specially-made reports, along with 70+ different reports tailored to your specific requirements.

Fleet managers can enjoy richer designs with fully-responsive contents at any time from any access point.

How Can You Benefit From
FMS Smart Mobility?

  • FMS Smart Mobility Live Tracking Benefit Live Tracking
  • FMS Smart Mobility Historical Tracking Benefit Historical Tracking
  • FMS Smart Mobility Journey Management Benefit Journey Management
  • FMS Smart Mobility Dynamic Categorization Benefit Dynamic Categorization
  • FMS Smart Mobility Geo-fencing Benefit Geo-fencing
  • FMS Smart Mobility Remote Immobilization Benefit Remote Immobilization
  • FMS Smart Mobility Fuel Level Monitoring Benefit Fuel Level Monitoring
  • FMS Smart Mobility Activity Monitor Benefit Activity Monitor
  • FMS Smart Mobility Dynamic Reporting System Benefit Dynamic Reporting System
  • FMS Smart Mobility Accident Analysis Benefit Accident Analysis
  • FMS Smart Mobility Task-driven Privileges Benefit Task-driven Privileges
  • FMS Smart Mobility Driver Merit System Benefit Driver Merit System

See how FMS Smart Mobility works

  • Geofencing Solution

    Fleet managers can create customized polygon areas which can be used within the event builder that will give alert notification when any one of their fleets is in/out of the predefined areas.

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  • Live Tracking

    Provides easy access to fleets, that comes with detailed information for each vehicle or drive that includes the exact GPS location and its activities.

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  • Historcial Tracking

    Provides complete historical data of fleets with the drivers' / vehicles' activities for an unlimited period of time.

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Latest Software Features

Fast, Smooth and Easy Fleet Management Software Feature

Fast, Smooth and Easy

Fleet managers can create customized polygon areas which can be used within the event builder that will give alert notification when any one of their fleets is in/out of the predefined areas.

Keep Your Preference Save Fleet Management Software Feature

Save Your Preferences

FMS Smart Mobility platform will save all your preferences, such as preferred theme, language, and the last company you visited.

Change Languages Fleet Management Software Feature

Change Languages

You can select your preferred language out of currently 5 supported languages.

  • Different Flavors

    Choose the theme that suits your taste — Dark or Light.

    FMS Smart Mobility Software Change Theme from dark to light Feature
  • More Rich Content

    Users can have a better overview over the fleet’s status starting from Asset & Device pages.

    FMS Smart Mobility more rich content Feature
  • Smart Search

    The search box will help you easily view useful data about a specific asset or driver.

    FMS Smart Mobility Smart Search Feature

Fully-Responsive Design

Have the same experience using any device you have.
The system will just adapt to show you the most possible content using the available view.

FMS Smart Mobility Fleet Management Software Fully Responsinve Design

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