transport-industries-fms-techThe world of transport planning is full of rules, constraints and complex service level agreements all of which need to be taken into account.
Traffic planners can only juggle a certain amount of information in their heads and to produce a plan on-time, taking account of large numbers of orders and vehicles is impossible to do efficiently without assistance from a routing and scheduling application.

FMS Tech. solutions provide extensive capabilities that can grow and expand with your business needs, including real-time fleet tracking, trips details, fuel consumption, accident reconstruction, vehicle history data collection configurable workflow for notifications and alarms, as well as rich reporting and third-party integration capabilities. FMS tech. solutions are flexible enough to cope with the basic operation where a truck or bus and driver are the core assets and resources in your industry. operations.

Resources to the system include trucks, trailers and drivers and scheduling can be as dynamic as you wish. Larger companies may wish to apply different rule sets to multiple Automated Transport Planning provides optimum utilization of your resources by efficiently building trips enabling you to service more customers without increasing the number of staff and equipment proportionately.


  • The elaboration of the reports table,
  • Improve timing schedule and driver attendance
  • Enhance ends users satisfaction
  • Track the location of the vehicles
  • Calculate in real Time in case of hazards the new itinerary