FMS Track 360

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A small and powerful telematics and IVMS device designed for all fleet transport operations and needs. The FMS Track 360 is based on the revolutionary 360 platform enabling users to have complete 360 view of vehicle telematics, vehicle location, route information for both online and offline modes, and driving habits.

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Complete trip information
Recording of Distance, Speed, RPM, and other parameters
Vehicle location
Large memory
Recording of all instances of driving violations
Online and offline vehicle location and route
1 sec. recording interval
Modular and customizable
Remote firmware upgrade
High performance GPS
High performance GSM antenna
Accurate recording
Iridium satellite burst data (optional)
Driver Identification (RFID Card)
Internal GPS/GSM antennas
Satellite GPS Receiver GPS/GLONASS
Data Network Modem 2G/3G
GSM Technology Q-Band
GPS Antenna Ext.
GSM Antenna Ext.
GPS Hot Start < 6 sec
GPS Cold Start (Open Sky) < 30 sec
No. of Satellite Channels 22 SAT/66 CH
No. of inputs 11
Digital/Analogue 8
Frequency 2
Ignition Input 1
Wireless I/O 0
No. of outputs 4
RS 232 1
RS 485 1
Zigbee 2.4 GHz Wireless Optional
Communication over wireless charger 0
Speed via GPS Yes
Speed via Gearbox yes
Engine RPM Yes
Driver Identification Yes
Driver Identification Technology RFID
Panic Button Yes
Remote Immobilizer Yes
Ignition Relay Ext.
Harsh Braking Yes
Harsh Acceleration Yes
Vibration (Graded Road) No
Movement sensor Yes
Harsh shock Yes
Idle time Yes
Online Tracking Yes
Offline Tracking Yes
No. of Events 100
Tolerance configuration Yes
Buzzer Alarm Yes
Internal Battery Optional
Internal Battery Autonomy 1-5 hours
Events Configuration unlimited
No. of reports 60+
Memory Size 4 MByte
Power Consumption @12VDC 160ma
Power Spike Protection 150v
Enclosure IP54
Main Harness Cable Yes
Additional Harness Cable No
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable Optional
Weight 200g
e-Lock (Container Seal) Yes
Trailer ID Yes
Iridium Satellite Modem Yes
MP3 Voice Alert Yes
Voice Communication Yes
Driver Fatigue Yes
Tail Gating Yes
In Cab Camera Optional
  • Supporting Dual Protocol ISO15693 & ISO14443 @ 13.56MHz
  • Operating Voltage 5-10VDC
  • Serial communication RS485
  • Supporting TI tag 256 byte & Mifare S50 (1Kb).
  • Indicator Integrated Buzzer and 2 LEDs.
  • Operating temperature range -30 °C to +90 °C
GPS specification
  • GPS Module SKG12M
  • Ultra high sensitivity: -165dBm
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • ±10ns high accuracy time pulse (1PPS)
  • Advanced Features: Always Locate; AIC; EPO; EASY