Vehicle Maintenance

FMS Tech. fleet management and tracking solutions provide a set of useful software tools for helping fleet managers deal with a social service, preventative vehicle maintenance and repair activities critical to maintaining vehicles and other fleet assets.

Our fleet maintenance management solutions deliver the ability to capture, track, and analyze your fleet’s metrics including:

- Vehicle Usage.
- Costs associated with your fleet operations.
- Inspection Requirements.
- Fuel Consumption.
- Vehicle Data.
- Vehicle maintenance

With all the information you need expressed in a meaningful and connected way, you are in a position to make the decisions and adjustments that will optimize fleet operations and lower maintenance costs across the entire organization. Preventive maintenance and scheduled service activities are triggered by the vehicle odometer reading through the installed FMS On-board Computer, and all of the maintenance features to help streamline the fleet maintenance management process.

Our anytime, anywhere platform provides fleet managers with the reporting tools they need to oversee all aspects of the operation, while improving satisfaction for everyone involved in the fleet management process.