Security and customs

security-and-customs-fms-techContainer security devices play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the container in transit in addition to the supply chain, trade, and Customs processes. Cargo security can be enhanced through the use of electronic seals and smart e-lock devices in addition to the Customs and Security ICT solution like the FMS e-Lock device and Customs solution. A good cargo seal like the FMS TECH e-Lock acts as barriers against pilferage, smuggling, and sabotage of cargo within containers and trailers en route to their destination.

The FMS TECH. Customs and Container security solution is based on one basic concept; track and trace the truck and the container at all times while container is in transit and send alert to main control and dispatch center in case of sabotage or smuggling. 

The FMS e-Lock system will seal the container doors through use of fiber optic cable and will communicate with the main truck device using the Zigbee 2.4 GHz IEEE  802.15.4-2003 technology. The FMS e-Lock along and the FMS Power Trace 2k (smart GPS Device and internal battery) form one integrated system to track and trace truck and container and monitor container door status at all time while the container is in transit. The FMS e-Lock can easily be installed on container back door. Customs police can also link and configure the e-Lock to communicate with the main FMS Trace 2k device. With the smart Trace 2k technology, the Customs Security Agent can store truck route before he commence his journey and link the container with the Customs Bill of Lading and/or Customs shipment document. If the truck driver deviate from the main planned route or de tour into another route, or if the door is open at any location other than the intended location, the system will send a notification alarm to main Customs control and dispatch center. A Customs agent in the Control Center can follow each truck and its container live on his map while truck is moving.


  • Track and trace containers and trucks
  • Instant monitoring to door status
  • Instant notification in case of door open or deviating from planned route
  • Smart seal using latest wireless communication and fiber optic technology
  • Easy to install and commission by Customs and Security agent.
  • IP 66 water proof enclosure
  • Battery autonomy exceed 72 hours