Road Safety

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he often undergo a personality change. They frequently become more aggressive and high-risk takers.There can be multiple reasons for this perceived behaviour change: lack of knowledge, lack of skills, lack of realisation for the forces involved, negative reinforcement of poor practices, lack of supervision, conflicting objectives, and many more. In most if not all cases, the lack of knowledge, skills, realisation of risk, etc., can be offset by supervision and/or by peer observation. The task of driving however does not always allow for this as driving is frequently an unsupervised activity.

FMS Tech. has designed and developed its Road Safety solutions with the driver on mind. Winning the heart and mind of the driver is the key for influencing his behaviour. However in order to achieve this objective, customers have to rely on a good source of information i.e. good and reliable IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System), be fair with the driver, reward good driving habits, and enforce procedure and driver accountability for those who don’t.

FMS Tech. series of IVMS, On board Computers (OBC) devices and Driver Merit System software have helped small to large size and multinational companies successfully manage their road safety issues and improve their drivers’ road safety awareness and behaviour.

FMS Tech. road safety solutions use latest ICT technology to help customers improve their road safety standards. The system comprises of sophisticated hardware, i.e. FMS Center 2000 and Track 2000 Series, along with the FMS Office 2000 and Driver Merit System (DMS) 2000, a fully web-based software, which enables customers to achieve good results by:

  • Giving immediate feedback to the driver when established parameters are exceeded.
  • Automating information gathering and ease of extracting data from the device-several options are available over wired and wireless technology.
  • Obtaining informative and easy to use reports including summarised and statistics reports.