Public Bus Transport

FMS Technology is one of the world’s leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) network services, offering true global connectivity over GSM, CDMA & Satellite technologies. We deliver network services to application solution providers and enterprises supported by a wireless operator grade, distributed on a highly scalable business management platform that presents all network services and technologies through a single, unified interface. The vehicle location and fleet tracking market helped birth the growing M2M industry as fleet route optimization and the ability to track valuable cargo drove widespread adoption. The FMS e-bus 2000 system integrates bus fleet management system with passenger fare payment and fare media options into one convenient, secure, integrated, manageable, and online bus transport system. The system goes beyond the conventional offline fleet management and fare box in terms of flexible fleet management, fare strategies and ability to provide a wide variety of traditional and electronic fare media options to both passengers and transit agency operators.

Public Bus Transport The e-bus 2000 system from FMS Tech. provides new and innovative features as well as improved fleet management, data registration, security, and ease of operations.

The FMS e-bus 2000 is supported by a new EFS data system providing built-in custom and online operations and report generations. Using the wireless data network (GPRS) provided by the GSM operators, data is transferred seamlessly to main control room providing information required by the operator in real time accurately and securely. The system can be customized to be transaction based or based on time, duration, or location, and includes revenue reports, card usage reports, fleet operations reports, and security/audit reports. The system also supports the optional use of passenger RFID prepaid cards.