Fuel Consumption

Fuel is one of the largest expenses that transportation companies face today. Prices fluctuate quickly, meaning that you need to proactively manage your company’s fuel expenditures to decrease costs and increase profits.
A variety of factors, including weather, aerodynamics, vehicle type, tire resistance and maintenance practices can affect fuel consumption, but there are several others—that with the right technology—you can easily control:

  • Excessive idling.
  • Improper shifting.
  • Excessive over-revving.
  • Speeding.
  • Limit the fuel theft.
  • Fuel Consumption


Did You Know?

  • Efficient drivers can get approximately 30% better mileage per gallon than their least efficient colleagues.
  • The average long-haul truck uses over US$3,700 of fuel per year idling.
  • Fuel economy decreases by half a mile per gallon for every five miles per hour (MPH) in excess of 55 MPH.
  • FMS Tech. provides solutions that comprise a set of hardware and software which provides fleet managers and business owners the right set of tools that they need to effectively monitor and manage fleet’s fuel consumption and detect frauds and fuel theft.