Vehicle Recovery

If you like your car, chances are someone else will too! To help protect your vehicle, it’s worth investing in the best anti-theft system you can afford. Sadly, no anti-theft device is full-proof.

If your car is highly vulnerable, equip it with two or more different types of devices. For example, your electronic immobilizer prevents outright theft. That’s good, but break-ins still happen. The distinct outline of a steering wheel lock shows that you take extra precautions – and probably leave nothing of value to steal from your locked vehicle.

Anti-theft devices deter thieves in three ways:

  1. Physically – no thief wants to waste precious time exerting a lot of physical effort.
  2. Visually – just the sight of an anti-theft device inside a car will put of many thieves.
  3. Audibly – thieves never want to draw attention to themselves Vehicle Recovery

Types of anti-theft devices:

- Mechanical devices: limit the steering wheel movement so thieves can’t drive your vehicle. Steering wheel locking bars are the most common mechanical devices.
- Vehicle alarms: discourage thieves by drawing attention to your vehicle through loud sirens, beeps, etc. Sometimes they use flashing lights, too.
- Electronic immobilizers: cut off power to parts of the vehicle’s ignition system so that thieves can’t start the vehicle. Sometimes a vehicle alarm will also have an immobilizer built into the system. All anti-theft devices are either active or passive:
- Active devices must be physically set each time you use them by moving a switch, removing a separate key, pushing a button or locking a mechanical device in place.
- Passive devices are automatically armed when you turn off the vehicle and remove the key. These are considered more effective because they don’t rely on human memory to be activated.

Vehicle Anti-theft Solution is based on passive devices and comprises a set of hardware and software systems to enable you to add RFID vehicle access to your vehicle security system and help you locate your vehicle through use of GPS and GPRS network. Additional security to your vehicle can be achieved by installing FMS Track 2000, enabling ignition relay and vehicle immobilizer and fuel control devices.