RFID Calibration Card

Supported StandardISO 15693
Operating frequency13.56 MHz
Typ. required activation field strength read (at +25qC)94 dBPA/m
Typ. required activation field strength write (at +25qC)97 dBPA/m
Factory programmed Read Only Number64 bits
Memory (user programmable)2k bits organized in 64 x 32-bit blocks
Typical programming cycles (at +25qC)100000
Data retention time (at +55qC)> 10 years
Simultaneous Identification of TagsUp to 50 tags per second (reader/antenna dependent)
Dimensions85.6 mm x 54 mm x 0.76mm (according ISO 7810)
Weight5 grams
Case materialPVC (Polyvinylchloride), white
Product Identifier3mm from the edge, TI Logo+4 digit number(2 mm x 8 mm)
Surface finishGlossy
Printability Thermo transfer, Tampon, Silkscreen
Mechanical Stability (Bending, Torsion)According to ISO 10373
Operating temperature-25qC to +50qC (according to ISO7810)
Storage temperature-25qC to +50qC (according to ISO 7810)