m2m-fms-techM2M (Machine-to-Machine) is about connecting people, devices and systems in new and transforming ways. With M2M, devices “talk” to each other over wireless connections and share data without direct human intervention. In this way, devices as diverse as vehicle ECU, On-board Computer, electronic locks, cell phones, parking gates, remote sensors, laptops, appliances and other consumer devices can be connected to support a variety new uses and achieve increased efficiencies.
Being able to offer different Fleet Solutions based on innovative hardware puts us ahead of others as a provider of comprehensive Fleet and Transport solutions. Our M2M solutions are already producing results for our customers, including ingenious applications that make life safer and more productive and cost efficient.

FMS Tech. M2M Platform enables mobile operators to provide Manaqed Connectivity in multi-national, multi-operator environments. This M2M Platform for mobile equipment lets your company target various industry verticals with M2M offerings, including: automotive, consumer electronics, FMCG, energy & utilities, finance & banking, healthcare, manufacturing, public services, security, as well as transport & logistics.

Benefit from FMS Tech. M2M for platform for Mobile Equipment:

  • Be fully independent from platform owners and technology when executing your M2M strategy through FMS Tech. dedicated tool for managing M2M connectivity
  • Scale the solution as your M2M business grows – basing the solution on modular architecture makes it possible to upgrade the platform in the future as your business evolves
  • Easily manage all types of Machine-to-Machine services and SIM cards using a single tool
  • Increase efficiency of M2M-related business processes
  • Monitor your M2M business and troubleshoot any issues easily
  • Easily integrate the platform with your existing BSS/OSS environment (such as billing systems or product catalogs,
  • Gateway GPRS Support Nodes / Packet Data Network Gateways, Home Location Registers or logistics systems)
  • Manage devices connected through any kind of access technologies (including mobile (SIM) and xDSL)
  • Process data from various sources automatically
  • Gain better control over M2M equipment and services
  • Intelligently control traffic and services and offer your M2M customers services with controlled QoS (quality of service) and bandwidth
  • Track the quality of your M2M services thanks to a built-in connectivity monitoring module, detailed usage and performance reports and automated alerts
  • Offer great experience for your M2M customers and business partners
  • Allow easy self-management, provisioning and reporting for business partners through intuitive web dashboards
  • Shorten time-to-market for M2M services
  • Perform bulk operations  to deliver services to your customers quickly and efficiently and improve time-to-market for both your company and your clients
  • Manage all your M2M services with the use of a single tool for better time-to-market
  • Create any kind of service easily or change the configuration of assets without changing the system core – the platform enables easy tariff and data type configuration so that you can launch new M2M offerings quickly and effortlessly