FMS Salameh Pro

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FMS Salameh Pro is a simple speed recording device used to capture and store vehicle speed value. FMS Salameh Pro is the 1st generation of the Salameh Series, designed for adaptation at the national level in some countries. Salameh Pro was designed in compliance to DOT and law enforcement agencies specification for black box in some MEA countries. The FMS Salameh Pro is easy to install and configure. Traffic law enforcement and troopers can easily ready vehicle speed for past 30 days, and print speeding tickets right at spot.

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Records vehicle speed for 30 days
Records status of 1 additional input
Easy to install and use
Lighted LCD with adjustable light
Internal battery for 3-5 days
Driver ID
Hard to tamper with
High encoding for security.
Print speeding tickets in press of a button
Operating Voltage 10 – 46V
Current Consumption 100 mA
CPU 16 bit Microchip DSC 80 MHz
Memory 42 KB
Clock RTC
Information Stored Duration 1 Year without power
No. of Inputs 2
Interface RS232
Ignition Relay No
Driver ID Plastic Key
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Indicator Characters LCD
Driver Alert Integrated Buzzer
Speed Pule Range 4,000 – 25,000 pulse/km
Speed Accuracy +/- 2 m/h
Speed Accuracy +/- 0.01 km
Distance Accuracy +/- 0.01 km
Speed Measuring Range 0 – 250 km/h
Overvoltage Protection Up to 60 V
No. of Digital / Analog Inputs 1
Programmable Voltage Fixed
Frequency Inputs 1 sample per sec.
Interface RS232 57600 bps Serial
Storage Temperature -40° C - 85° C
Relative Humidity Up to 95% .
Dimension 224 x 142 x 38 mm
Enclosure Aluminum
Protection Class None
E-lock(Container Seal) No
Trailer ID Yes
Iridium Satellite Modem Yes
MP3 Voice Alert Yes
Voice Communication Yes
Driver Fatigue Yes
Tail Gating Yes
In Cab Camera Yes


Information Panel Yes
Panel Type LCD
Light Color White / Negative blue background
Light Control Yes
No. of Lines 4


Speed measuring range 0-250 km/h
Speed Accuracy +/- 2m/h
Distance Accuracy +/- 0.01 km
Overvoltage protection Up to 60 V
No. of digital / Analogue inputs 1
Programmable voltage Fixed
Frequency Inputs 1 sample per sec.


Trip Information Yes
Speed & Engine RPM values Yes
KM driven Yes
Trip duration Yes
Driver ID Yes
Idle & stop time & duration Yes
Over speeding Yes
Speed cable disconnection Yes
Not wearing seatbelt Yes
Exceeding specific threshold value Yes
Event value, time, and duration Yes
Status of each input Yes
Input values, max & average Yes
Ignition relay and driver access Yes
Digital tachograph data every 1 sec. Yes
Analog and digital sensors Yes