FMS Salameh 2K

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FMS Salameh 2000 is a series of digital tachograph systems that offer fleet owners and Traffic Authorities unmatched features to monitor and enforce safe driving. Its’ dynamic design offers high degree of scalability to meet all different market requirements. The FMS Salameh 2000 Series of products offers some advanced features that are usually not found in any other digital tachograph systems, ie. Automatic download using GPRS network, wireless downloadusing Bluetooth or Zigbee 2.4 GHz , ability to connect with wireless sensors , vehicle location using high powerful quad band GPS, and integrated optional printer. All these features are optional depending on project and market requirements.

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ISO 16844-1, 2, & 4 compliant and DIN radio cassette.
Traffic authorities can easily review driver performance and print speeding and unsafe driving tickets right at the spot in simple easy steps.
Fleet owners can monitor their drivers unsafe driving habits, review trip information, driving performance, time attendance, and schedule for download at specific time.
All FMS Salameh 2000 systems offer 4 fully configurable standard inputs and/or connection with CANbus interface.
Driver ID (RFID).
WatAlarm buzzer to warn driver upon exceeding thresholds.
Ignition relay.
High encoding for security.
Can connect to speedometer, engine, vehicle ignition, seatbelt sensors, door sensors, AC, lights, and temperature sensor and fuel pump .
Protection against voltage fluctuation and spikes.
High recording period up to 30 days – high memory capacity .
Fully configurable parameters and inputs using dynamic and structured formulas.
Adjustable light – 4 lines LCD.
Supports multiple language, English, French, Dutch, and Arabic.
High degree of anti-tampering.
Printer, and rechargeable backup battery.
Satellite GPS Receiver GPS/GLONASS
Data Network Modem 2G/3G
GSM Technology Q-Band
Voice Support Optional
GPS Antenna External
GSM Antenna External
GPS Hot Start < 6 sec
GPS Cold Start (Open Sky) < 30 sec
No. of Satellite Channels 22 SAT/12 CH
No. of inputs 9
Digital/Analogue 7
Frequency 2
Ignition Input 1
No. of outputs 2
RS 232 1
Zigbee 2.4 GHz Wireless Yes
Wireless 2.4 GHz Function Yes
Speed via GPS Yes
Speed via Gearbox Yes
Engine RPM Yes
Driver Identification Yes
Driver Identification Technology RFID
Panic Button Yes
Remote Immobilizer Yes
Ignition Relay Int.
Harsh Braking Yes
Harsh Acceleration Yes
Vibration (Graded Road) No
Movement sensor Yes
Harsh shock Yes
Idle time Yes
Online Tracking Yes
Offline Tracking Yes
No. of Events 100
Tolerance configuration Yes
Buzzer Alarm Yes
Internal Battery Optional
Internal Battery Autonomy 1-5 hours
Events Configuration unlimited
No. of reports 60+
Memory Size 4 MByte
Power Consumption @12VDC 320ma
Power Spike Protection 55v
Enclosure IP54
Main Harness Cable Yes
Additional Harness Cable Optional
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable N/A
Weight 325g
E-lock(Container Seal) No
Trailer ID Yes
Iridium Satellite Modem Yes
MP3 Voice Alert Yes
Voice Communication Yes
Driver Fatigue Yes
Tail Gating Yes
In Cab Camera Yes


Information Panel Yes
Panel Type LCD
Light Color White / Negative blue background
Light Control Yes
No. of Lines 4


Trip Information Yes
Speed & Engine RPM values Yes
KM driven Yes
Trip duration Yes
Driver ID Yes
Idle & stop time & duration Yes
Over speeding Yes
Over revving Yes
Not wearing seatbelt Yes
Exceeding specific threshold value Yes
Event value, time, and duration Yes
Status of each input Yes
Input values, max & average Yes
Ignition relay and driver access Yes
Digital tachograph data every 1 sec. Yes
Analog and digital sensors Yes
Speed cable disconnection Yes
Remote immobilization function Opt.
Remote configuration Opt.
Remote firmware upgrade Opt.
Online tracking Opt.
Offline tracking Opt.
Route & vehicle movement history Opt.
Geo Fencing Opt.