FMS Lite Trace 2k

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The Lite Trace 2K is the modified and simpler version of the existing FMS Trace 2k product however the Lite Trace features GPS and GPRS and 4 digital inputs only. The Lite Trace 2K DOES NOT come with RFID, Driver Access Card, Zigbee wireless, Buzzer, or Ignition Relay.

The new Lite Trace 2K was designed and packaged to meet the low end market which requires simple vehicle tracking solution at reduced and affordable price.

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High performance integrated SiRF GPS and embedded antenna

GPRS modem and high performance embedded antenna

Online and offline tracking

3 Digital/Analogue inputs and Ignition

4 Led status indicators

Waterproof and weatherized IP 66 plastic enclosure

Harness and power connection cable

Initial setting and configuration : RS232

Remote configuration and setting after initial setting : GPRS

Power connection : direct with vehicle battery

Recommended fitting location : under the vehicle dashboard and closest to bottom of the dashboard with no metal obstacles on top

Easy Installation

Requires minimal or no maintenance

Recommended for selling as bundled solution with monthly subscription services (no software deployment on customer server)


Superior internal antennas for both GSM and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and make the FMS Lite Trace mountable virtually anywhere in the vehicle for easy, inexpensive installation.

Information are transported across the GSM/GPRS network using enhanced TCP/IP packets providing a reliable communications link between the device and your application servers or ours.

The FMS Lite Trace was designed to dramatically reduce cost, power, and size, while significantly improve device reliability in the field.

Fleet owners can monitor their drivers unsafe driving habits, review trip information, driving performance, time attendance, and schedule for download at specific time anytime and virtually from anywhere, just an internet connection..

The FMS Lite Trace employs the FMS Tech. latest onboard device configuration and settings. All settings and device configurations including hardware or software settings for all events thresholds, tolerance, etc., seamlessly with minimal efforts; just an internet connection.

Satellite GPS Receiver GPS
Data Network Modem 2G/3G
GSM Technology Dual-Band
Voice Support No
GPS Antenna Int.
GSM Antenna Int.
GPS Hot Start < 6 sec
GPS Cold Start (Open Sky) < 30 sec
No. of Satellite Channels 22 SAT/66 CH
No. of inputs 4
Digital/Analogue 4
Frequency 0
Ignition Input 1
No. of outputs 2
RS 232 1
Zigbee 2.4 GHz Wireless Optional
Wireless 2.4 GHz Function Optional
Speed via GPS Yes
Speed via Gearbox No
Engine RPM No
Driver Identification No
Driver Identification Technology N/A
Panic Button Optional
Ignition Relay No
Harsh Braking No
Harsh Acceleration No
Vibration (Graded Road) Yes
Movement sensor Yes
Remote Immobilizer No
Harsh shock Yes
Idle time No
Online Tracking Yes
Offline Tracking Yes
No. of Events 100
Tolerance configuration Yes
Buzzer Alarm Yes
Internal Battery Optional
Internal Battery Autonomy 1-5 Hours
Events Configuration limited
No. of reports 20+
Memory Size 4 MByte
Power Consumption @12VDC 200ma
Power Spike Protection 150v
Enclosure IP66
Main Harness Cable Yes
Additional Harness Cable No
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable No
Weight 200g
e-Lock (Container Seal) No
Trailer ID No
Iridium Satellite Modem No
MP3 Voice Alert Yes
Voice Communication No
Driver Fatigue Yes
Tail Gating Yes
In Cab Camera No

GPRS Specification

Frequency Quad band GSM 850/EGSM 900 DCS 1800/PCS 1900
Brand & Model ZTE MG3006
Integrated Stacks TCP/IP
Dual Communication and Capability GPRS and SMS
GPRS Packet Up to 80 kpbs
GPRS Antenna Internal Built-in

GPS Specification

Model GR89
Protocol Transmission data NMEA 0183
No. of channels 20
Tracking sensitivity -159 dBm
Frequency 1575.42 MHz L1 C/A Code
Chipset SiRF GSC3f/LP chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU
Autonomous <10 m at 2 DRMS
SBAS <7m at 2DRM, WAAS corrected
DGPS 1-5m at DGPS corrected
GPS Hot start 1 sec. avg.
GPS Warm start 38 sec. avg
GPS Cold start 42 sec. avg


Speed via GPS Yes
Analog and digital sensors Yes
Over speeding Yes
Remote configuration Yes
Not wearing seatbelt Yes
Remote firmware upgrade Yes
Exceeding thresholds Yes
Online tracking Yes
Events value, time & duration Yes
Offline tracking Yes
Status of each input Yes
Route &vehicle movement history Yes
Input values, max & average Yes
Water proof enclosure Yes