FMS Center 2k

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For those who worked with On-Board computers know how difficult sometimes to extract the information from such systems. However, with the FMS Center 2000, extracting information has never been easier! This new innovation from Fleet Management Systems and Technologies (FMS Tech.) is a “black box” just like airplanes have. It can record a wide variety of events including how fast you drive and whether you “buckle-up” for safety. Companies can potentially use
them to determine the driving habits of its drivers and review vehicle performance, reduce fuel usage and road accidents, save money and make smarter decisions.

In addition to capturing and storing trip details, the Center 2000 gives fleet managers the ability to customize events, set thresholds monitor vehicle performance and driving behavior at all times.

Trip Details The system records the following information for every trip: start-and-end date and time, driving time, standing time, parking time, Driver ID, maximum and average engine RPM
Driving Errors Over speeding, over revving, harsh acceleration, not wearing seatbelt, driving for continuous hours, without resting and driving at night
Custom Events Door open, door close, lock status, lights, air condition, engine temperature, truck container door status and 10 different sensor status
Accident Investigation System records vehicle speed and engine RPM every 1 second
Warning Alert Integrated buzzer
Driver Identification Contactless RFID proximity card or tag (RFID 13.56 MHz)
Device Memory 4 MB, 30 days or 1,500 trips depending on configuration, driving errors and driving distance
Data Communication GPRS Quad band GSM 850, EGSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900
Configuration Manual or Remote
Satellite GPS Receiver N/A
Data Network Modem N/A
GSM Technology N/A 
Voice Support N/A
GPS Antenna N/A
GSM Antenna N/A
GPS Hot Start N/A
GPS Cold Start (Open Sky) N/A
No. of Satellite Channels N/A 
No. of inputs 13
Digital/Analogue 9
Frequency 3
Ignition Input 1
No. of outputs 2
RS 232 1
Zigbee 2.4 GHz Wireless Optional
Wireless 2.4 GHz Function Optional
Speed via GPS N/A
Speed via Gearbox Yes
Engine RPM Yes
Driver Identification Yes
Driver Identification Technology RFID
Panic Button Optional
Ignition Relay Int.
Harsh Braking Yes
Harsh Acceleration Yes
Viabration (Graded Road) No
Movement sensor Yes
Remore Immobilizer N/A
Harsh shock No
Idle time Yes
Online Tracking N/A
Offline Tracking N/A
No. of Events Unlimited
Tolerance configuration Yes
Buzzer Alarm Yes
Internal Battery Optional
Internal Battery Autonomy 1-5 Hours
Events Configuration Unlimited
No. of reports 60+
Memory Size 4 MByte
Power Consumption @12VDC 220ma
Power Spike Protection 55V
Main Harness Cable Yes
Additional Harness Cable Optional
Enclosure Standard
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable N/A
Weight 200g
  • The FMS Center 2000 box (product code FMS-01102)
  • Cables
  • 1 x contactless driver card or tag
  • Installation Manual

Every driver will have his /her own contactless card or teg with a unique serial number assigned to the driver. Access to vehicles can be limited to specific drivers using the onboard relay. Each card or tag can store driver name, ID no. and driver license ID no.


The device is modular as it allows adding more functionality such as GPS and wireless communication, and voice capability


FMS Center 2000 allows fleet managers to define unlimited number of events, thresholds and combination of event occurrnces; like capturing status for specific sensors at specific speed or when vehicle is not moving. Vehicles can be configured and distributed according to company sites, offices, locations, departments, individual ranking, etc...


Use FMS Office 2000+ software to export acquired data to third-party software tools, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe. Acquired data include information on drivers, vehicles and trips for specific day, week or month.


Charging system settings and configuration can be done remotely using the wireless LAN or over the GPRS network.


FMS Center 2000 is useful after accidents. It can help determine the cause of an accident by obtaining operating parameters of a vehicle as it travels such as speed, RPM and all other connected sensors at 1 second interval for 10 minutes prior to the accident.


Since our On-Board computer system is designed to be modular in both software and hardware, the FMS Center 2000 can be easily upgraded at any time in the future.


The FMS Center 2000 is designed to work with almost all types of vehicles, trucks, buses and heavy vehicles. The system is designed to withstand high voltage spikes found in some vehicles


Installations must be performed by a qualified automotive technician.