Security and customs

homeland-and-security-and-customsFor law enforcement organizations who are working to proactively reduce auto theft and improve load security (customs area), FMS Tech solutions are the undisputed market leader in automated vehicle monitoring and control technology, enabling the deployment of trailer and vehicle security into high fraud area .

The use of FMS Tech. vehicle tracking system can cut theft and fraud by as much as 60 percent.In use by Law Enforcement agencies across MENA region, and developed in close cooperation with the law enforcement community and insurance organizations across the region,FMS Tech. leading-edge technology incorporates advanced monitoring systems, which automatically detect when a vehicle has been stolen, and report back to dispatch in real-time critical vehicle activity information, including the vehicle’s GPS position. From a central point of control, dispatchers can remotely monitor and control vehicle functions including door locks and engine disablement.


  • Track and trace containers while in transit
  • Secure container, trailer, and tractor trucks
  • Cargo Security and e-Seal
  • Alerts in case of pilferage, smuggling and sabotage
  • Water proof device
  • Sufficient battery autonomy
  • Link container with customs documents
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to recharge battery
  • Easy to program
  • Expedited procedures at customs
  • No more police convey!!