FMS Driver Alert Kit 2K

FMS Driver Alert Kit is an optional accessory that can be parried with any of the FMS-Tech devices in order to provide voice alert messages to the driver inside the vehicle. The messages are pre-set notifications that can advise the operator on events such as device status, violations committed, or other alert messages. The device supports five different languages and will deliver the message in the preferred language of the individual driver.

Example messages include: violation committed when allowed speed is exceeded; reminder to fasten seatbelt; and low device battery. In each instance, the alert messages are designed to further encourage safe driving and ensure company policies are followed by vehicle operators.

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Operating Voltage 10 to 50 VDC
Rated Voltage12 to 24 VDC
Operating Power Consumption max 500 @12 VD
Idle Power Consumption ~ 48 mA @12 VDC
Storage Temperature - 40 °C to + 85 °C
Working Temperature - 20 °C to + 75 °C
Humidity 95%
Memory 128 Mb
Interface RS232
Dimensionsradius 25 mm
Audio Amplifier5W
Voice messages for each language
100 messages
Supported languages English, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu
Cable Length2 Meters