Driver Merit System (FMS DMS Robot)


Meet FMS TECH DMS, Our Robot Road Safety Manager!

Are you concerned about your Road Safety ongoing-issues and don’t know what to do?

Do you have issues with some of your drivers due to their unsafe behavior and you would like to console them but you don’t know how? or you don’t have the resources or time to do it?

NO WORRIES, FMSTECH Robot is here to help!


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Connected to FMSTECH Fleet Management and DMS portal, the FMSTECH Robot will collect data on all your commercial vehicles and your drivers performance.
Your drivers can access their individual reports using their own personalized RFID access card from the FMS Kiosk.
The Robot will analyze each driver performance and improvise each driver in few minutes one-to-one session between the Robot and your driver. The Robot will address each driver in his name and speak to the driver in English or in the driver own native language as an option.
At the end of the feedback session, the Robot will print the driver receipt with the total points the driver could have earned and the total points he actually earned based on his past driving behavior. It is then up to you to decide which price or amount of money, a driver can get when he redeems his points with gift.
FMS DMS Robot will improve your Drivers Behavior, encourage safe driving, Improve your Fleet management tools, and Save you time and money.
CPU: I3 4170 3.7G
RAM: DDR3 8GB ST500G Kingston 8 GB
Graphic: Discrete graphics display card - 2 GB
Operation system: Microsoft Windows 10
LCD Size: 17-inch
LCD Type: 17-inch touch screen
LCD Resolution: 1280X1024
Printer: EPSON thermal printer
Paper width: 80 mm paper width
Paper cutting: Automatic cutting
RFID: FMS Tech ISO dual chip card reader
Accessories: 17-inch metal baking rack luxury, with amplifier - speakers, USB, Ethernet ports, etc..
Power consumption: 200W
Power: 200V 10A
Box Size: 60 x 54 x 156 cm