AG 2010

AMANA 2000 is a series of electronic products designed to monitor asset, electrical and communication equipment, ie. machines, generators, mobile assets, communication towers, etc. located in urban and rural areas and installation sites, 24/7 and around the clock.

The model AG2010 is an Automatic Engine Contorl system designed to monitor and control power and Electrical Generators. This model is used to automatically start and stop engine, record status of various inputs and monitor each input against predefined settings and thresholds, and transmit input status to main control station at predefined intervals using the GSM/GPRS 1800/1900 MHz network.

User can define unlimited number of events and set different thresholds on each input. The system can monitor the status of each input and follow contorls accordingly. The model AG2010 supports up to 9 different fully configurable (Analogue or Digital) inputs and 3 outputs including 1 relay.
System can transmit data to main control server at predefined intervals, or at any specific time, or immediately in case of alert, with optional alert notification message to be sent to manager’s mobile phone in case of alert or critical events.

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Records status of engine 24/7
Anti-theft of fuel and asset
Battery back-up-real time clock
Weekly operation schedule programs
I Field adjustable parameters
RS-232 serial port
Customized reports
Transmit events using GSM / GPRS network
Remote start and shutdown
Event logging up to 30 days
Engine ON/OFF with or without load, exact date & time
Remote control
Alternator voltage 9-50 volt
Alternator frequency 0-100 Hz
Mains voltage   30 0 V-AC max (PH-N)
DC Supply Range 10-46 V-DC
Cranking dropouts Survives 0 V for 100 ms
Typical Standby Current 100 mA-DC
Maximum Operating Current   350 mA-DC (relay output open)
Generator Contractor Relay Output   16 A / 250v
DC Relay Outputs 10 A / 28 V
Analogue input range   0 - 33 V
Serial port RS-232, 57600 bps, no parity, 1 bit stop
Operating temp -20 ˚C (-4 ˚F) to 75˚ C (158˚ F)
Storage temp -30˚ C (-22˚ F) to 85˚ C (176˚ F
Maximum humidity 95% non-condensing
IP protection IP65 from front panel, IP30 from the rea
Dimensions   330 x 250 x 130 mm
Weight   460 g
Case material High temperature ABS (UL94-V0, 110C)
ON / OFF date and time
Operation status (with or without load)
Fuel and oil level
Fire alarm, A/C and temperature control
Input status and contro
Battery status
Optional GPS for tracking mobile generators
Refilling date and time
Refilling amount (liters)
Consumption (hour/day/week/month)
Adjustable parameter to work with various tanks (size and volumes)
+/- 5 liters
GPRS Quad band modem
(GSM 850, EGSM 900, DCS 1800, and PCS 1900)
GPRS packet up to 80 kbps
TCP/IP support
ZigBee 2.4 GHz
IEEE 802.15.4 RF
Range 400 ft
Automatic mains failure
Engine control
Generator protection
Built-in alarms and warnings
3 phase mains voltage inputs
3 phaseGenset voltage inputs
Engine oil pressure
Engine coolant temperatures
Fuel level
Genset active power
Genset power factor
Periodic maintenance request indicator
Daily / Weekly / Monthly exerciser
Event logging with time stamp
Generator Volts U-N, V-N, W-N
Generator Volts: U-V, V-W, W-U
Generator Amps: U, V, W
Generator Total KW
Generator Power Factor
Generator Frequency
Mains Volts: R-N, S-N, T-N
Mains Volts: R-S, S-T, T-R
Battery Voltage
Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine Oil Pressure
Fuel Level

The model provides system administrator with various control tools via its shared RS-232 serial port or remotely via GPRS.

System Admin can use AMANA office software to login remotely and monitor engine and inputs status, rung diagnose tools, and analyze information, and upload or download information, or upgrade device firmware over the air (OTA).

9 cconfigurable digital / analogue inputs each can be programmed according to needs
Alarm type: shutdown / warning / no alarm
Alarm polling: when engine running / always. on mains OK
Latching / non-latching operation
Contact type: NO / NC
Switching: BAT + / BAT
Coolant temperature
Oil pressure
Fuel level
3 programmable outputs
1 relay output